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Nisa Raja

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Have a look at Ade’s profile to get an idea of what a good developer profile should look like on eWorker. This is a fictional character.

Your personal information

Please make sure you upload a clear profile picture. Endeavour to complete all details too like age, gender and years of experience.

Education history

Education includes any type of formal education like schools and universities, as well as online and short courses, masterclasses that you have done. Companies like to see that too and it shows them that you’re committed to improving your skills as a developer.

Work Experience

Write a detailed description of your work, and mention the programs and tools you have used. Write as if you’re explaining to someone in an interview. Utilize the description box when filling your work experience because it will be seen by the employer.


This section gives you the opportunity to rate your skills in percentages. Be truthful while doing this because during your interview, questions can be asked based on it. 


As a recruiter or an employer, hiring is a risky and expensive business – they have to make an educated guess about whether you’re a good hire or not and they only have a few interviews to make that decision. The portfolio makes it easier for those hiring to de-risk you. You can prove you have the skills they are after. Add the links to the various projects you have done.

Honours & Awards

This is where you can add all individual or group awards you have received overtime. From best mobile developer to any hackathon event you won. Potential employers will like to know about this. Sharing this information can give your application a boost. 

Top Skills

Your skill tags are more important than you think. They not only add value to your profile by letting recruiters and companies know what you work with but also make it easier to match you with the job opportunities on our platform. Add as many skills as you have expertise for and can actually create magic with.

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