How e Worker works

Nisa Raja

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Here’s a guide for you to know of the eWorker platform process as a Client.

Create your company profile

The first thing to do is to input needed information such as the logo, name, phone number, year founded, official email address and website.

Writing about your company will tell candidates why they’d want to join your company. When writing the summary, keep in mind you’re writing for tech talent. Don’t be afraid to get technical.

Onboarding process

Once you’ve signed up, we recommend completing your profile as it will improve your chances of coming onboard. After completing your profile, you can request for an account management call.

Our team will look at your profile and see if you match the required standards needed to begin hiring on eWorker. You will be given feedback within 48 hours. 

Post your job

After your onboarding process is complete, you can begin posting and managing your jobs. With a pool of 1000s of candidates, your job positions will be filled in no time. Here is a guide on how to post jobs.

Shortlist Candidates and request for Interviews

After receiving applications for your listed positions, the next step is to shortlist the qualified candidates and request for interviews.

Hire the right talent

That’s it! Congrats on hiring the right talent for your role. This is the final stage of the process.

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